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1) To enjoy the sport of sea angling in a friendly atmosphere, and to promote the sport in a way that makes such enjoyment accessible to others.

2) To encourage people to fish in a manner that takes conservation firmly into account and discourages cruelty in the treatment of fish or disregard for the marine environment.
'Both of these themes are central to our philosophy, where everybody's feelings are taken into account. You have only got to come on one of our boat trips to experience both. The friendly atmosphere is reflected in a fair bit of mickey taking and general camaderie while conservation is demonstrated in the use of portable scales and the quick return of unwanted fish.'
3) To organise competitions, challenges and events that promote the sport and help to develop both the social and angling sides of the club.

4) To operate in a manner that takes everybody's views into account.

5) To organise fund raising events that support club activities and purchase additional resources to benefit all members.

6) In a spirit of friendly competition, to maintain records of fish captures in junior, senior and ladies sections, making them available to members upon request.

7) To ensure that members may enjoy their time with the club without any fear of harassment, bullying or intimidation. Further to ensure that activities are carried out in a safe manner and location that minimises the likelihood of harm to any club member or member of the public that may be present at a club event.
'All in all, I think people have been very pleased with the way in which the club has developed and it is my hope that it will continue to grow in strength, not just in terms of numbers, but in the consideration and respect that our members repeatedly demonstrate both for each other and the environment itself. It has also been gratifying to see the adoption by members of the light tackle ethos which, I believe, will become more and more important within both the club and the sport of sea fishing as a whole.'
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Nowadays we also have a few cross discipline trips, like this one to Tavistock Trout Fishery in Devon. We also organize camping trips with carp and coarse fishing too.
Baywater Anglers - Aims
'As one of the founder members of Baywater Anglers, it has been great to watch the way in which the spirit of the club has grown alongside the increase in the number of club members.

When the club was founded on the 23rd May, 1999, the inaugural meeting was attended by 21 people. We voted for a variety of aims and rules but were unanimous in our belief that the club should not only be open and democratic but also friendly and welcoming, especially to families.'