Specimen Award Scheme
We believe that the capture of an exceptional fish is something to celebrate so we run a specimen award scheme with quality medals awarded for all specimen fish that are caught. All specimen fish are then kept on record so that, when a member has caught specimen fish of either five or ten species, he or she is then awarded one of our special woven badges to commemorate that achievement.

Training Programme
Many of our anglers are fairly new to the sport, so we run a training programme with a course of step by step instruction matched to certificates and events. These may include casting events, demonstrations and teach-ins. Resources are available to help with each certificate and there is a considerable amount of information on our website.

Prizes and Conservation
Prizes are awarded every year for the best fish weighed into the club. We do not give trophies but last year, for example, we awarded just over £1000 worth of tackle prizes to our lucky winners. However, to try and avoid fish being slaughtered just for prizes, we ensure that portable scales are present at every club competition so that we can practice catch and release wherever possible.

Every member of the club is insured against accidental injury (third party liability) to other people during a Baywater event. However, since we run an all year competition for best of species, this means that most of your fishing is covered.

Discount is currently offered at several tackle shops. These include Tidal Tackle, Brixham Bait & Tackle and Euro Angling upon production of a valid membership card. (Please note, however, that discount may be subject to a minimum purchase or exceptions. Please enquire in each store for details.)

Permission to fish the River Dart from the Railway Bridge, Totnes, to the sea
This stretch of water is controlled by the Environment Agency and requires special permission to fish. We have been granted such permission, using rod and line only, subject to certain conditions. These are that we can only use float or leger tackle and sea baits (except for sandeels, which are banned by MAFF) and that we must return all fish caught to the water (with the exception of sizeable mullet and flounders).

Loan Equipment
Thanks to Sports 4 All, Devon Community Foundation and Active Devon awards we have been able to invest in several pieces of equipment for our members to borrow. These include good quality fishing outfits - shore, boat and fly - that members may use at club events. We also have lifejackets that any club member may borrow on demand. In addition the club has tents available for club events, although we would welcome a voluntary contribution so that these can be replaced as and when needed..


The club organises open and club only competitions, organised boat trips, tackling a variety of species, and a number of social events, including barbecues and camping trips. We have attracted major sponsorship for some of our open competitions and have, in our first fifteen years of existence, firmly established the club on the Torbay sea angling scene.
Steamer Quay Charity Fun Match!
Specimen Weights and Minimum Sizes
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Baywater Anglers - Background
Baywater Anglers is a relatively young club (we are in our 24th year) with, we like to believe, a refreshingly different way of doing things. Every member, for example, has a say in what we do, be they eight or eighty, and all dealings on behalf of the club are held open for public inspection, including accounts, letters etc. There are no closed committee meetings and everybody’s feelings, views and ideas are taken into account. We try to do our best for all members.