The Steamer Quay Catch & Release Charity Fun Match!
Specimen Weights and Minimum Sizes
Rules of the Steamer Quay Competition
1) All undersized fish to be returned alive. Any trout and salmon caught by accident must also be returned immediately.
2) Fishing must be by float or leger methods only. (No spinning, feathering or fly-fishing.)
Application Form
Poster for Steamer Quay Competition
Baywater Anglers - Steamer Quay Competition
Once every year, in August, Baywater Anglers organises the Steamer Quay Competition in Totnes on behalf of the Totnes Carnival Committee. (All entrance fees go to the Carnival Committee to help them in their work with local charities.) The date of this year's event will be announced shortly.
10) Minimum size limits for eligible species are as follows:
Bass 16 inches
Flounder 10 ins.
Grey Mullet 13 ins.
Silver Eel 15 ins.

11) Points System
(1 point) Undersized fish of any species
(10 points) Any sizeable fish
(25 points) Any specimen fish

12) Specimen weights for species are as follows:
Bass 7 lbs
Flounder 2˝ lbs
Grey Mullet 4 lbs
Silver Eel 2˝ lbs

Please note that Steamer Quay forms part of the River Dart waters which are under the direct control of the Environmental Agency. We would therefore like to thank the Environmental Agency for their kind permission to hold the competition.
3) Fishing is for sea fish only, i.e. mullet and flounders. Any bass caught must be kept alive and returned to the water immediately after witnessing by a steward. (Foul-hooked fish cannot be entered in the competition.)

4) Sea baits only permitted (no worms or maggots) with the exception of sandeels, which are banned.

5) Entrants must use only one rod to which no more than two hooks are attached. (With so many small fish in the river, barbless hooks are far kinder than barbed ones.)

6) Winners will be judged on points, but length will be taken into account in the event of a tie.

7) Any competitor causing a public nuisance of him or herself will be disqualified, without reimbursement, from the competition.

8) Eels may count towards a competitor’s points, but must be returned alive to the water after witnessing by a steward.

9) All specimen fish must be weighed on official scales by a steward.