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While we are usually pretty lucky with the weather, there are times when it is pouring with rain or blowing a gale. In these conditions it is not much fun fishing - and sometimes unsafe to do so - meaning that the best thing to do is to cancel the event. Consequently, if the weather looks dodgy and an event looks in danger of being cancelled, the best thing to do is to phone me on my mobile number 07704 602180 beforehand to check and see if it is on.
Sunday, 12th May, 2019 Time: 10.00 a.m. 2.00 p.m. Venue: Brixham Breakwater Event: Social fish and teach-in for adults and juniors High Tide: 12.37 p.m. Height: 3.8 m.
   Hopefully there should be some mackerel around and perhaps even the odd garfish or two. For people fishing on the bottom, wrasse should make an appearance with perhaps a few other species thrown in for good measure. Wrasse can also be caught on float-fished crab and ragworm baits and there should be a good chance of a few pollack making an appearance. Thin strips of mackerel or squid strip both good baits at this time of year for float fishing but larger chunks or fillets on the bottom could also be useful to see what else might be around. For tackle, I would probably stick to a light float fishing rod with mackerel strip or ragworms close in for wrasse. For people wishing to experiment, LRF (Light Rock Fishing) rods will winkle out a few species on either small lures or hybrid tackles baited with a little bit of ragworm.

Sunday, 19th May, 2019 Time: 5.30 pm 9.30 pm Venue: Steamer Quay Event: Social fish and teach-in for adults and juniors High Tide: 7.16 p.m. Height: 4.9 m.
   There should be quite a few fish around but they will mostly be smaller fish with the chance of an odd larger mullet or two showing up. For tackle I would therefore stick to really light rods like freshwater match rods or quiver tips matched to freshwater float tackle or running leger with a long, flowing trace. Down the wall rigs also stand a chance and we can look at pop-ups if the crabs come on the feed. For bait I would stick to ragworms, using the smallest worms that you can get hold of. There could also be a few flounders starting to show.

Friday, 24th May, 2019 Time: 6.00 pm 10.00 pm Venue: Brixham Breakwater Event: Social fish and teach-in for adults and juniors High Tide: 10.18 p.m. Height: 4.2 m.
   Fishing should be similar to the 12th but there may also be a few scad around. Cuckoo wrasse and pout may also make an appearance before it starts to become properly dark.

Friday, 7th June, 2019 Time: 6.00 pm 10.00 pm Venue: Brixham Breakwater Event: Social fish and teach-in for adults and juniors High Tide: 10.00 p.m. Height: 4.7 m.
   By now, with luck, mackerel should be widespread and coming up regularly on float or spinning tackle. There may well be a few garfish around and scad should also be making an appearance. Shad may be caught by accident but, if they are, you will need to return them alive to the water since both species are protected. Wrasse may appear during daylight and cuckoo wrasse may well make an appearance as the light begins to fade, especially if you are using ragworms as bait. Some bigger pollack may also start to show.

Friday, 14th June 2019 Sunday 16th June 2019, Woodlands Leisure Park, Camping Weekend
We have arranged a camping weekend at Woodlands Leisure Park on Friday, 14th June 2019. You may go to the park after 1.00 pm on Friday, camp overnight and get entrance into the park on the Saturday. You then camp over Saturday night and have free entrance to the park all day Sunday although your tent must be removed from the site before 5.00 pm.
If we get enough people, then the cost will be 78.00 per unit (family of four) for the whole weekend, which is still excellent value for money. Electrics are available at 4.50 per night and you can take additional people at a cost of 13.00 per person. If you have a caravan or camper van, you are quite welcome to use these instead of a tent but there are rules that you will need to see the rally steward about. (There are also a few loan tents available from Baywater Anglers.) If you, or any of your friends, are interested in the trip, could you please let me have a 10 deposit as soon as possible. The balance must then be paid by 9th June 2019.
   I would stress that friends of members are quite welcome to come since we do need to have eleven paying units to get the special offer price. As far as I am concerned, the more the merrier, especially since this will be the twentieth anniversary of our first trip.

Skerries Boat Trip, Sunday 30th June, 2019, African Queen
Meeting at: Visitor Pontoon, Kingwear Marina Time: 8.30 a.m. Return: 4.30 p.m. (-ish, Alan can be very generous in allocating additional time) Cost: 40 per head Target Species: Plaice
   For bait, I will be bringing along ragworms, lugworms, cuttlefish and prawns, which have done us very well in the past. If you would like a place aboard the boat, please let me know as soon as possible since they will go very quickly. I have already had six requests!

Look after yourselves!
Martyn and Julie Green