Home made weights, incorporating their own booms, are a brilliant addition to your tackle box. You can take out a selection, each with a trace and lure attached, and then, if you lose your tackle on the wreck, can be back in action within seconds!
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Make a Boom
Q: Why heat the mould?

A: Because the lead stays hot for longer and you end up with a smooth lead instead of a badly wrinkled one.
Nor is making them difficult. All you have to do is to bend the wire as shown, then place it in a heated lead mould, which you have clamped together with a stall clip like market traders use. Pour in the molten lead – making sure that you don’t burn yourself in the process – and turn out one of the most useful homemade accessories that you will ever make!

You start by taking a piece of 18 gauge stainless steel wire and making an eye at the top. (You can put on a swivel if you like but this doesn't seem to make a huge amount of difference in the depths that you will be fishing.)

Bend the other end of the wire back on itself and make a long eye at the bottom. Wrap it around the middle of the wire and turn it straight out to make the arm of the boom.

Make an eye at the other end of the arm, sliding a swivel on the wire before you finish the eye. This will be used to tie on the trace to the red gill or other lure. (And is essential for making sure that the trace does not spin itself into a twisted tangle of nylon.)
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