Another strategy when fly fishing for pollack is to use a hybrid rig - a mixture of float and fly tackle. It is horrendous to cast but extremely effective in the water, catching large numbers of fish.

Basically you attach a fourteen foot tippet to the end of a floating fly line. Trap a starlite in place with plastic tubing and then attach a small float, like a pimp or flounder float, immediately above it. Leave the rest of the tippet clear and then tie on a fly on a small dropper about two feet from the end. To the point tie a small hook which you then bait with mackerel strip.
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To fish the tackle, you cast it out as far as you can and then let the current take it. By the time the full fly line is out, the bait will have sunk in the water to a reasonable level. You then retrieve the tackle with a figure of eight.

In practice, what tends to happen is that you catch fish on the bait while the current is taking the tackle out but then, when you start the retrieve, the fly begins to work properly, taking over from the bait.
Hopefully the diagram should make the tackle clear.
Safety Tip:
When you use this tackle, make sure that you put on some eye protection and a hat. The last thing you want is a hook in the eye!
Don't be afraid to use big starlites rather than the very tiny ones. When you get a bite, the float can disappear very quickly but, on occasion, it will zip back and forth on the surface, giving you a strong indication as to what is happening below.
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