Inshore boat fishing for pollack can be a great deal of fun, especially since a lot of fish can be taken fairly close to harbour and estuary mouths without venturing too far out to sea, a real bonus if you are just starting to find your sea legs and building your confidence up as you come to terms with a new boat. It also places them within striking range of smaller craft like inflatables, which can be a great deal of fun in the summer but not much use in the winter.
The basic method is to find rocky reefs, or pinnacles that stand out from the bottom, and then drift over them, dropping your tackle down to the bottom and then bringing your tackle up for about ten to fifteen turns. Any pollack in the vicinity will home in on your baits and grab them on the way up, assuming, of course, that you have put something tempting on the end.
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My preferred baits for this style of fishing are live sandeels or live prawns with ragworm or soft plastic lures in reserve if neither of these are available. I fish them on a running leger with a trace some nine feet long or with the running leger replaced by a homemade boom that makes the trace stand out from the mainline. (See diagram for details.) This takes a little while to make but does help to prevent tangles, especially with the constant up and down action that you are putting the rig through.
Live prawns can be a deadly bait. Hook them through the second or third segment from the tail, working bottom to top.
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