When a pollack takes your bait, you will often find that the float starts to disappear, pauses, as if it is making up its mind as to whether or not to resurface, then moves deeper into the water. Donít delay with your strike, but try to hit it fairly quickly. If you do delay then the fish will probably swallow your bait so that the hook sticks in its throat. Obviously this will cut down the chances of the fish being put back alive, so it is better to strike quickly and hook it in the mouth, from where it can be released with the minimum of damage.

You can, of course, take pollack for eating, but if you do then you need to eat it fairly quickly. The flesh deteriorates after death so that it becomes inedible within 24 hours. That aside it is reasonably good to eat, especially if lightly seasoned with herbs to give it a slightly better flavour.
Spinning for pollack can be very rewarding, but there is no need to spend a fortune on tackle. Keep it simple, using a Carolina rig and a long trace (approximately 2 metres) to the lure. As for the lure itself you have a wide variety to choose from, with red gills, latex shads, westenders and lots of different soft plastics all taking a number of fish.

To work the tackle I like to keep a steady, fairly slow, retrieve going, working the lure as close to the bottom as I dare. Sometimes, obviously, you are going to get caught, but if you use a trace that is lighter than the main line then you should be able to break free without losing the rest of your gear. However if you touch the bottom and pull free then you will need to give your hook a couple of strokes with your sharpener to keep the point nice and keen.

Of course, if you are using LRF tackle, then many worms, skinned 'Texas style', will catch pollack and you can, if you want, now make your own lures using microwaveable soft plastic.
Carolina rig (above)
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(Left) Skinning a worm, Texas style, where the final step is to bunch up a small piece of soft plastic and embed the point of the hook in it.
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