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Fishing in Torbay
Nestling on the stretch of coastline between the River Dart and the Teign, Torbay has a varied stretch of coastline to tempt both local and visiting anglers. Flat, sandy or stony and gravel-laden beaches are interwoven between rocky outcrops, headlands and harbours while secluded little coves also offer tempting opportunities to fish.
Faced with such a variety of habitats, it is little wonder that Torbay's marine life is both rich and diverse. The Summer, in particular, sees the headlands come to life with bass, wrasse, mackerel, garfish, scad and pollack, not to mention the normal range of bottom-dwelling species, providing anglers with great sport while the beaches come alive at night. (During the day the chances are that it will be difficult to fish any of the beaches since the commotion of active water sports will almost certainly drive away most of your target species.)
Deciding where to fish can still be a problem though, especially if you are new to the area, so we have decided to give a few pointers which we hope might be helpful. We haven't tried to list every mark - some of them are quite difficult to reach or to fish, but we have listed the majority.
Torbay is one of the most popular fishing destinations around the UK. It offers a wide range of angling opportunities and a wealth of summer species to tempt the visiting angler. Read on to find out more ...
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1. Maidencombe Beach
torbay001001.gif torbay001001.gif torbay001001.gif
2. Oddicombe Beach
3. Babbacombe Beach
4. Ansteys Cove
5. Hopes Nose
torbay001001.gif torbay001001.gif torbay001001.gif torbay001001.gif
6. Meadfoot Beach
7. Torquay Harbour
8. Torre Abbey Sands
9. Livermead Beach
torbay001001.gif torbay001001.gif
10. Hollicombe Beach
11. Preston Sands
12. Paignton Sands
13. Paignton Harbour
14. Fairy Cove
16. Goodrington Sands
17. Broadsands Beach
15. Roundham Head
18. Elberry Cove
19. Churston Cove
20. Fishcombe Cove
21. Brixham Breakwater
22. Shoalstone Beach
23. Berry Head