Rovex Big Boss 14 ft (4.2 m) Beachcaster
Beachcasting Rod from Masterline Walker, RRP 84.99
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At Baywater Anglers, being a family club, we have a lot of members that are fairly new to the sport. Picking a rod for them isn't always that easy. What we like to do is to select a rod that doesn't cost the Earth but which performs well and will give good service for many years to come. Such rods need to be light enough to handle well, give excellent bite sensitivity and cast a good distance, even in the hands of someone just starting out.
When I came across the Rovex Big Boss 14ft, my first impression was that this was a rod that would suit that category well. I therefore purchased one and trundled down to Beesands in the South Hams region of Devon, curious as to how the rod would work out. Just to make it interesting, I also thought that I would have a little competition between the test rod and one of my trusty tournament rods, just to see what would happen.
Overall Impressions:
(taken on the outfit as a whole)
Performance 9
Balance 9
Value 9
Reliability 9 Total Score 36/40
Arriving at the mark, I put on an up and over leger and black lug on both rods, matching each with a five ounce impact lead. I then quickly found out that the Big Boss is no slouch when it comes to casting, comfortably matching the distance on the tournament rod and putting the bait well out into the area that I had selected. It was first to score too, bringing in a nice, plump little dab that I could feel was on the rod straight from the word go. The light, sensitive tip gave good bite detection too!
Casting out again, I was fairly soon into another dab - bigger this time - which I was soon able to bring gently ashore and then release it none the worse for wear. A smaller one turned up on my other rod but this proved to be it for the bites.
All in all, I felt that casting on the Big Boss was a pleasure, with five large diameter intermediate rings spaced out nicely for use with fixed spools, allowing the coils spilling from the spool plenty of time to straighten out so as to not hinder the cast through excessive friction. Distance was fine and very comfortable to achieve. The tip was also a strong point in its favour, being both high visibility but also very sensitive to bites. I liked it very much and would have no hesitation in recommending it for general beach work, especially when you are scratching for bites, for which it is absolutely ideal. At 84.99, I thought it very good value for money.
14 foot beachcasting rod with 5 lined intermediate rings, screw winch reel fitting and highly sensitive tip. The blank upon which it is built is both light and comfortable to handle, breaking down into three sections to make it easier to transport. I liked it very much,.
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