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   Euro Angling has been, for many years, a website closely associated with Ultima line and the main agent for Salter Bracknell scales, scales so good that they have been, ever since the club was formed, the ones that Baywater Anglers have used for every event.
   As such, their approach to the marketing of fishing tackle in their shop in Torquay is slightly different to most of the shops that I have previously encountered. Rather than a store with a small to medium stock of items across a wide range, think of a narrower range but purchased in depth so that they can offer the kind of prices that makes the company competitive in the vicious arena of the Internet.

   This approach makes the shop quite unique. I have never, for example, seen quite so large a display and back-up stock of tripods. That said, I also found a model that I had never seen before but which was perfect for taking away on holidays.
Shaun Piddington, Managing Director of Euro Angling, also has an eye firmly turned towards the high end of the market. There was a definite gleam in that very same eye as he outlined the quality of some of the items that the store will be stocking, waxing lyrical over names such as Van Staal and Fin Nor and how he intends to introduce them in the near future, offering the latter, for example, from around the 70 mark.

Looking around the stock on offer, I noticed a range of headlights that I had not seen before - the Silva range, starting from around 12 and rising to over 200. Was there much call for it? Apparently so, for the most expensive models were designed for skiing, featuring a multi-bulb arrangement that gives superb coverage to the sides and front of the skier, which is also perfect for fishing.
   In addition to these high price items, Shaun is also looking to stock a full range of other items for anglers, offering Masterline Walker, Korda - he has just purchased their entire stock of 250m Adrena Line to offer at a great price - Plano, Matrix, Solar, Trakker, NXG luggage, Parker tripods, ESP, Red Gill etc. He carries half the trakker range of bivvies and can obtain the rest for the next day.

   Talking to Shaun, it is clear that his range is going to include some well researched, well designed and high quality items at the best price that he can get them for.
The shop is located at 178 Union Street, Torquay, TQ2 5QP.
All in all, it will be interesting to see how the shop develops over the coming year. If you want your everyday items - hooks, weights, bait, swivels etc. - they are all there but they are likely to be in the company of some fascinating and unusual other products. It is certainly well worth a visit just to see what is on offer!
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