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Fixed Spool Reel from Masterline Walker

5 stainless steel
ball bearings

Metal folding handles - 1 single, 1 double for smoother retrieve

2 aluminium
spools - capacity 165 yards of 10 pounds breaking strain line or 120 yards of 12 lbs

Stainless steel main shaft

Thick bail wire

Gear Ratio 5.2:1
Overall Impressions
(Rated out of 10)

Performance 9
Balance 9
Value 9
Reliability 9
Total Score 36
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Quick Summary:

Described in the literature as offering 'a phenomenal specification', the Rovex Ceratec is a really well engineered reel that has been built to withstand the rigours of the demanding environment in which sea anglers fish.

When reeling in, it is very smooth with no backplay whatsoever when the anti-reverse is engaged. It is also just as smooth when it it comes to casting, helping to achieve long distances effortlessly. All in all, it is a pleasure to use.
Having just bought myself a nice spinning rod, capable of casting the light weights that I like to use without difficulty, I went looking for a reel to match.

I liked the look of the Ceratec 4000 as soon as I saw it. It is a tough piece of kit which is both stylish and well engineered, being beautifully smooth upon both the cast and retrieve. It performed equally well over grass, when I was teaching some of Baywater's eager new recruits to cast, and in the sea, floatfishing for wrasse with live prawn.

Now those of you who enjoy a spot of wrasse-fishing know that the moment a wrasse feels the hook it will dive for the nearest cover, resulting in a tug of war between the angler and the fish. Any reel that you use has got to be capable of standing up to such pressure and the Ceratec, when subjected to such a load, performed beautifully.

It was also well up to the task of long distance casting with float tackle and three quarter ounce weights for the mackerel. Then, with the light fading, I put on chunkier bits of mackerel strip, casting the bait closer in to see if there were any scad around, as indeed there were. The reel handled everything that I threw at it with no problems whatsoever, leaving me no hesitation in recommending it. It is a lovely bit of kit and, at 37.50, it won't break the bank!
Combine with a light spinning rod for a superb outfit, especially good for flounders, bass, mackerel and light float fishing...
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Rovex Ceratec 4000, rrp 37.50
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