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Janet and Graham Dryer, owners of Brixham Bait & Tackle
In a very convenient place for Brixham boat anglers, situated right opposite the inner harbour, Brixham Bait & Tackle offers a wide range of gear for sea and coarse anglers with a small selection of tackle for fly. Service is friendly and helpful with the staff willing to put themselves out to accommodate their many customers. This is particularly useful for disabled anglers since wheelchair access, though possible, is a little bit cramped. Parking, however, is a plus for wheelchair users since they can usually park right outside the store and then make use of the ramp to enter the premises.

As you can imagine, situated right next to the harbour, bait is a priority for the shop, particularly as it serves many customers who either own their own boats or who are going out on charter trips with the local fleet. Graham likes to open early, around 8.00 a.m., for these and other anglers, which can be very helpful for last minute decisions about bait.
There are plenty of rods to choose from and, as you can imagine from a store so close to the harbour, a good range of multipliers to cope with fishing from both shore and boat.

A good range of fresh and frozen bait is available in store but be sure to check availability of baits such as peeler crabs or live prawns by telephoning 01803 853390 beforehand. This is especially important when there are local competitions or festivals being held.
Most of the major brands are stocked and there are plenty of special offers to tempt you as you browse through the goods on offer, including a wide range of fixed spool reels. All the bits and pieces necessary for making terminal rigs are stocked and there is also a selection of pre-tied rigs.
For the carp enthusiast Graham, who is himself a keen coarse angler, holds a good range of carping accessories, many of which are directly transferable into light tackle rigs for the sea.

The shop also boasts a good range of spinners and lures, including all the jellies necessary for a good day's pollacking. There are also plugs and flies on hand for bass and trout.