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The up and over rig is also fairly simple to tie. It is basically a running leger with a bait clip set above the weight and secured in place between stops or a crimp, which ensures that it does not slip. (A spring can also be used to prevent the trace stretching.) Beneath it an impact lead is linked to the running swivel.
Beneath the weight there is the usual bead, tubing, bead and swivel to a trace which is several feet long. This lays the bait nicely away from the weight in a moderate tide and allows it some tantalising movement. (Too strong a tide and the tackle may roll up, causing a tangle.) The tackle should, tied correctly, both fish well and cast well.
Peeler crabs make a good bait for cod too though a day's fishing can be quite expensive if you have to buy your own rather than collect them!
When you have made up your rigs you need to think about when, and where, you are going fishing. Personally I prefer deep water marks with a reasonably strong tide but that is because of the terrain that we have in Torbay. On these marks you pop your tackle out, put the rod in the rest and wait although, to be fair, you will probably be pestered by dogfish from time to time. When you get a bite from a cod you will often find that you get slack line so reeling down to take up the slack, pausing for a second to feel for movement or weight and then lifting into the fish is the usual order of the day.

If you like fishing from cliff top marks which, to be frank, I donít, then the procedure is much the same but you will need some sort of arrangement to bring the fish up, like a drop net on a very long rope. Personally I am not into this myself, for several reasons, but one of the biggies for me is conservation. Returning fish from a hundred foot up is going to be pointless so you need to make sure that you actively discourage smaller fish from taking your bait. Up your hook sizes to at least 6/0 and stick with bigger baits, like the daisy chain that we have already discussed. You will also need to make sure that someone knows where you are fishing and what time you are going to be back. Health and safety considerations are vital at these dangerous marks, which is another reason why I donít visit really high cliffs. Whenever I fish I always take some juniors from the club with me and these are not the types of spots to be taking children to.
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