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Think in terms of a daisy chain of lugworms and squid with the worm at the top followed by the tougher squid at the bottom. You will also need to make it even tougher for casting so the addition of elasticated thread, wrapping it around and around to secure the squid firmly in place is pretty much essential.
A lot of people like to fish this kind of bait on a pennel rig, i.e. where there is a second hook secured above the first. There are several ways of doing this but, personally, I like to use either tight-fitting silicone tubing, or telephone wire, and a hook with a turned back eye. I just thread the line through the eye, leaving it free sliding on the trace, then wrap both the hook and the nylon with telephone wire in tight little coils. Once the hook is loosely secured I then twist the wire tighter between my thumb and forefinger, securing it tightly in place. Alternatively, though the result slides more freely, just wind the line around the hook a few times and then slide down a tight fitting sleeve of silicon rubber tubing.
With the telephone wire, I only need a couple of twists in the opposite direction and I can then slide the hook up or down the trace so that it sits neatly above the bait in the perfect position. Once in place I retighten and the tackle is ready to use.

To handle such large baits you will need streamlined tackles that do not tangle easily and give you good control of any fish upon the retrieve. Two perfect rigs for this are the up and over leger and the pulley rig with the latter best in strong tides and the former better over clean sand with minimal tide.
For bait, think in terms of a daisy chain of lugworms and squid with the worm at the top followed by the tougher squid at the bottom.
The pulley rig is an easy tackle to tie but it is also very effective, with or without a pennel rig as a trace. Basically you tie a swivel to the end of your leader and run a length of leader through the other eye. Slide on a bead and tie on a link to an impact lead.
On the other side of the swivel slide on a bead, a piece of carp tubing and another bead. Tie on a swivel and attach a hook or pennel trace ready for your ‘daisy chain’ bait of lugworms and squid.
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