Steamer Quay Charity Fun Match!
Specimen Weights and Minimum Sizes
At the Prize Presentation, where we enjoyed another superb Baywater Anglers cake made by Mrs Bridie Cross - thank you for that Bridie, it was much appreciated - it was congratulations to Tony Searle who caught the most marine - not coarse or game - species last year. Well done Tony! It was a great victory, especially with the Spanish mackerel and even rarer white bream that he landed.

For any new members wishing to take part in this competition, we allow members to take telephone pictures of their captures and send them in to me for recording at

Please bear in mind though, that this only applies to the Species Hunt prize, which Brixham Bait and Tackle has very kindly offered to sponsor. For all other prizes, you will need to weigh in as normal.

The best of luck to you all!

 Martyn Green