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Useful Tackles
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Up and Over Leger
Beneath the relay clip, I tend to put a Gemini SRT spring with a small bead at both ends. The crimp below the spring keeps that in position when the trace is hung over the clip. Then, when you cast, the relay clip slides down and compresses the spring, which stops the trace from stretching. This means that you won't have to worry about making any further adjustments to the trace while you are fishing.
Up and Over
A bit of tubing helps to keep the tackle nice and tidy when you are reeling in.
The bait hangs over either the impact lead or a smaller lead with an impact shield. Then, when the tackle hits the surface of the sea, water is forced up the flutes on the side of the lead, which dislodges the hook and allows the current to straighten out the trace.
A stop and bead is placed above the hook to keep the bait close to the point. If it wasn't there, air resistance during the cast might well force the bait up the trace so that fish could bite it without being hooked.