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Some other items that might appeal to people include a terrific range of lures, the YO-ZURI ones particularly catching my eye, floats, tools, accessories, pretty much anything that you could think of or need. I really liked the YO-ZURI Sashimi lures, which use iridescence to attract the eye of predators. Turn the lure one way and it glints gold, turn it the other and it turns to a lifelike pinkish sheen. I just can't see these not working, especially for bass.

There was a little knife sharpener that I thought was a great idea. It had a push down lever on it which secured a suction cup into place on any flat surface below. Considering the times that I have seen people trying to sharpen knives on a rolling boat, this seemed a much more sensible idea!
Masterline Walker rods, like their reels, are designed with the same gritty determination to offer robust, great value for money products that will do the job well. Some of them will appeal very strongly to beginners, for exactly that reason, but there are some nice rods to be had. I really liked the look of the Ceratec rods, especially the Ceratec Sea Bass, which looked like it would be great from both shore and inshore boat. I also liked the new Tideline boat rods, designed to be a match for the Tideline multiplier reels, and I thought that the Sovereign 5 piece bass rod would be ideal for the travelling angler.

In point of fact, when I got home, I bought two to pop into my trailer tent. I liked the feel of them and have already found that they cast well, are very responsive to bites and much nicer to use than the travel beachcasters that I used to use.

All in all, the range covered just about every need and contingency that you would need for the UK. The Big Boss 14' was my favourite for casting from the beach but I am also looking forward to trying the new Sovereign boat rods out over wrecks. Taken overall, I think that they are a offering a great range.

An added bonus for some will be the combination outfits that are also on offer. I have, for example, bought quite a few of their Devil outfits for beginners and found that they are not bad at all, especially for light tackle float fishing where they excel. They are pretty good for spinning and light legering too. For families that are just taking up fishing, they are ideal.

Of course, children, and in my case, grandchildren may have their own ideas as to what to use. My granddaughter saw one of their Sport Fisher LED rod and reel kits and immediately wanted one for herself, so long as it was pink! I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact that, when you turn the handle, different colour LEDs light up and make the whole outfit look,.as she put it, cool! (As a bonus, it seems to handle light float fishing and spinning pretty well too!)
Sport Fisher kits come in a range of colours and, at just 19.99, certainly won't break the bank! They are fine for use with light tackle and for float fishing in particular.
There were lots of different tackle boxes, landing nets and livebait buckets with removable inserts, all manner of knives, including the Marttiini range of hunting and filleting knives, terminal tackle, accessories, thermal boots and even Condor fishfinders! There were even carp chairs! All in all, it looks to me like Masterline Walker is going from strength to strength. They have got a great range of products and are trying their best to offer these out to their customers at very good prices. From what I saw, they are doing a pretty good job of it too!
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