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In addition to the Rovex and Jarvis Walker reels, Masterline Walker also stocks reels from Ryobi, Cortland and Youngs, the last being unique takes on traditional, beautifully crafted centrepins. There are multipliers, fly reels and baitcasters to match every angling need with one thing in common; Masterline Walker's determination to sell a product that represents really good value for money and still be capable of doing its job to a demanding standard. It's an aim that I respect and, in today's money-conscious environment, one that resonates with many people.
Looking through the reels on display, it certainly seemed as if there was something to suit every budget. The Mirage reels, for example, started at 12.99 with the most expensive model being 19.99 - perfect for beginners but still robust enough to do a thoroughly competent job.
Jarvis Walker reels, both fixed spools and multipliers, were clearly built to be tough and give years of reliable service. Meanwhile the Rovex Tideline multiplier reels, bottom right, are clearly just as durable but also come preloaded with braid at a very affordable price.
The Ryobi reels on show were nice looking models, more expensive perhaps but this is something that you expect with Ryobi, which sets out to produce a high quality, refined product for specialist and more demanding anglers. They are beautifully made, beautifully smooth and designed to stand out from the crowd, which they clearly do.

Over the years, I have had several Ryobi reels, all of which have lasted for a long, long time. In the end, accidents, such as when my rod was suddenly pulled over the side of the boat while I was unhooking a fish for my daughter, may have claimed them but I have never had one let me down through a mechanical fault. There aren't many makes of reel that you can say that about!
Meanwhile, for those who wanted something a bit smoother and more refined, the Rovex Air Strike reels offered good value for money, as did the Nexium series, while the Jarvis Walker Sovereign reels, at 29.99, offered the smoothness that you would expect from a five ball bearing system at a fraction of the cost of other makes.

Not that these were the only fixed spool reels, far from it, but it seemed to me that all the Rovex and Jarvis Walker reels were very sensibly priced and represented very good value for money. One series that particularly caught my eye though was the Ceratec CT4 series, both front and rear drag models being nicely finished with white and gold livery which is also picked out on the matching range of rods. These felt very smooth while the front drag models were also supplied with a spare spool and both single and double handles, which are perfect for spinning. With the added bonus of retailing at under 40, I thought that these looked to be great little reels!
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