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Another item from YO-ZURI that caught my eye was a new line, called Hybrid line. This has been designed to combine the refractive index of fluorocarbon - making it really hard to spot underwater - with the abrasion resistant qualities of nylon. That piqued my interest considerably. I do a lot of inshore bass fishing and often find that they do last minute dashes under the hull of the boat, which can be a bit nerve wracking. This sounds like it would be a lot better than the conventional fluorocarbon that I currently use as a leader onto my braid main line. I will have to give it a go.
Nor were they expensive with the Jarvis Walker Intruder range of squid jigs retailing at only 99p and the Razorback jigs - fitted with extra sharp pins on the back to increase the number of hook-ups - retailing at 1.49.

For the ultimate squid jig, however, you should have a look at the YO-ZURI range of EGI Aurie-Q "RS" squid jigs. Fitted with 'Warmjacket' technology that uses temperature to fool striking squid, these jigs have been designed to be the ultimate in squid fishing lures. Every feature has been carefully thought so that its hydrodynamic shape makes the lure behave like a fleeing prawn, with hard jerks or walking the dog style retrieves both causing really attractive little dashes. They are not cheap but the word on the bank is that they outfish all of their rivals and are well worth the investment.
Having watched the fun that some of my friends have been having catching squid, I am definitely going to have a go at this for myself! Later on, in 2015, I may even approach some of the other members to see how they feel about a squid fishing competition. It could be fun!
For anyone who likes LRF (Light Rock Fishing), this line could really excel as a tippet between the braid and the lure. A lot of the spots that I fish are really hard on fluorocarbon, especially if I am using a drop shot rig, and I should imagine this is the same for most people. Hybrid line sounds like it will be far tougher for such situations, which can only be good.
Looking at the reels on display, I could not help but notice how robust they all seemed, a reflection of the input from Jarvis Walker. Australians love fixed spool reels but they have to contend with critters that are generally far stronger than many of our UK species. As a result, they make no-nonsense reels which are strong enough to do the job and do it properly. They have also kept the price down with the reels that were on display all sporting tags that were easily within the budget of most beginners whilst simultaneously offering a quality that more experienced anglers would be happy to use.

One that I had used before, and which I was quite happy with, was the Rovex Nitrium. Baywater Anglers is a light tackle club so we often use carp rods where others reach for beachcasters. For these, we have found the Nitrium 4000 to be a perfect match and, with the price having gone down from last year, possessing the very real advantage of representing really good value for money. In point of fact, we liked them so much that we bought fifteen of the reels with the same number of matching Nitrium carp rods for our juniors and beginners to use at club events. They haven't let us down either!
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