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Recently I had the chance to revisit Masterline Walker and have a look at some of the exciting product developments going on. Chris Summer, Sales and Product Manager, was enthusiastic as he very kindly led me around the showroom - and small wonder. With a determined drive to sell high quality products with ambitiously low price tags, he has a great deal to feel justifiably proud about.
Moving on to another display, I was quite surprised to see how much tackle had been developed for people interested in squid fishing. There has been a lot of interest in this within Baywater Anglers, and it certainly seems to be a growth area within the sport, but there was a lot more to it than I had thought. There were plenty of colourful jigs, as in the picture below, but there were also some new designs that I had not seen before.
Stepping through the door, my eye was immediately drawn to the Watersnake range of electric outboards, lifejackets and buoyancy aids on display. I have not had a lot to do with these in the past but some of my friends fish in both the sea and on inland waterways so that I could see some immediate advantages with the items on show. The lifejackets, for example, fashionably finished with a camouflage design, sported tags demonstrating 150 newtons of buoyancy while the high visibility buoyancy aids would stand out under even some of the grimmest conditions that you would be likely to encounter. When Chris explained that their latest electric engine would deliver 98 lbs of thrust with a built-in GPS and infrared controls for hands free operation, it certainly caught my attention. Imagine drifting over a shoal of fish, catching one or two, and then being able to use a foot pedal to pop back round to the start of the drift and catch a few more!
With a reputation for silent, smooth operation, Watersnake electric motors are ideal for the kayak or travelling angler . In point of fact anyone fishing from light dinghies, canoes or inflatables could have some fun with these.
The high visibility buocancy aids on display were great value for money and well made with reflective strips and built in whistles, perfect for fishing inshore in busy waters.
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